Women's Testimonials

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As women we are told there is nothing we can do to get the “old me” back or my all time favorite advice from my gynecologist … “the best way to have a healthy libido return is to read romance novels.”
As a healthcare professional myself, I knew there was more to just accepting like after menopause.

I searched and found the answer!!!

*I discovered Align Health & Aesthetics.

After thorough history, listening to my concerns, needs and blood tests, complimented by Julie’s knowledge and guidance, we came up with a supplement and bio-identical hormone plan that has changed my life!

I have the old new me back!

I am sleeping, through the night and feel better than I have in over five years. No more of the multitude of symptoms that I just thought was a normal part of aging and post menopause.

There is nothing better than the feeling of being hormonally balanced and healthy.

I am so happy, lucky, and blessed to have found Julie.

Julie is gangster - the OG!

As I approached perimenopause and began to struggle with weight gain, I asked my gynecologist for help.  I was shocked when my he refused to check my blood/hormone levels, and told me that he believed that there was zero correlation between hormones and weight gain.  First I found a new gyno, and then I continued searching for answers.  I'm thrilled that I found Align Health.
Julie is wonderful.  From gathering important health information at our first consultation, to follow ups in the days/weeks beyond, Julie's knowledge and natural caring personality has made me confident that I'm finally on the right track.  My energy level doubled after my first week, and now I can't wait to see what more great things are in the future for my health!

Before Align Health, I was on a protocol that was hit and miss. Through blood work and evaluation, Align put me back on track and I feel 100% better now than I ever did before.

Thank goodness for Align Health!


Men's Testimonials

I started with Julie in mid April. Julie has been nothing but a help in my journey with TRT. Julie has a very straight forward approach with her clients, which I find very helpful. Julie has a very hands-on style and is readily available to answer any questions with a timely response. I am a very active male in my mid 40's, with a high intensity job. Julie not only helped me with TRT but put me on a series of supplements to assist with my lifestyle. Julie also helped me understand that "more (activity) is not always more." Julie has altered my approach to physical fitness for which I'm finding very helpful. I highly recommend Julie Pitts and Align Health & Aesthetics if you are considering TRT treatment.


Before Align Health, I struggled to lose weight and manage my lessening energy reserves. A manageable path forward was established after a simple blood test and a consultation with Julie. No prescription medications or restrictive diets were required.

A few months removed, I feel better than I have in a long time. The weight fell off, and my workouts were more productive.

I would still be lost if it were not for Julie and Align Health. The consultation is an investment in yourself.